Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper marked the end of an alcohol ban on CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live.

They returned to Times Square on December 31 for the countdown, continuing their tradition

Cohen, 55, revealed their plan to enjoy drinks throughout the broadcast, maintaining their yearly toast.

The duo typically honors this tradition at the top of each hour during their New Year’s Eve show.

 Cohen's humorous "daddy’s juice" remark led to Cooper’s playful comment on responsible drinking.

 Despite Cooper forgetting a drink, Cohen was ready with tequila, reinforcing their on-air rapport.

Viewers enjoy Cooper’s rare drinking outside the NYE event, finding it engaging and enjoyable.

Social media buzzes with comments about Cooper’s tipsy demeanor on national TV, sparking conversations

Fans jokingly commented about “bullying” CNN into allowing Cooper and Cohen to drink on air.

Both were prohibited from drinking in the next broadcast due to Cohen’s prior controversial remarks.