We're going to touch on most of those matches here, but we enjoyed (or didn't enjoy) them to different degrees and in different ways

For the rest of you though, now is the time for the WINC staff to share their opinions! Did we enjoy the King of the Ring matches?

Did the right Queen of the Ring participants go over? And most importantly, how do we feel about this whole Logan Paul thing?

The King and Queen of the Ring PLE is just 15 days away and the Undisputed WWE Champion didn't have an opponent.

Instead of Wade Barrett delivering the bad news, it was "SmackDown" General Manager Nick Aldis.

In Paul's pompousness, he said he wanted to pin "The American Nightmare" in the middle of the ring on the PRIME logo, because of course he does.

Paul is the current US Champion. Rhodes remarked that if he wins, he would become a Grand Slam Champion.

Making this match champion-versus-champion presents an interesting challenge. Paul clearly isn't ending Rhodes's story in Saudi Arabia.