“Aquaman Sequel ‘Lost Kingdom’ Makes a Splash at Box Office with $28M Opening”

Aquaman Sequel

Aquaman Sequel In the realm of superhero cinema, the stakes are high, and Aquaman’s sequel finds itself navigating choppy waters. This sequel, following up on the 2018 hit, faced a challenging opening weekend, clocking in at approximately $28 million. The original Aquaman movie made a splash during its debut, grossing nearly $28 million on its first day and surpassing $20 million on Christmas Day, a remarkable feat for the typically subdued box office holiday.

Aquaman Sequel

Fast forward five years, and the Aquaman sequel, ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,’ finds itself in a familiar revenue zone, accruing another $28 million over a three-day weekend, as indicated by Comscore reports. Projections suggest a potential $40 million haul with Christmas falling on a Monday, indicating a surge in holiday moviegoers.

Global opening Aquaman Sequel

While the domestic reception seemed lukewarm, Aquaman’s global appeal shone brighter, securing $80.1 million internationally, totaling a robust $120.1 million in global opening earnings. Directed by James Wan, the sequel revolves around Yahya Abdul-Mateen II’s Black Manta’s renewed efforts to thwart Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. The star-studded ensemble sees Patrick Wilson, Nicole Kidman, and Amber Heard reprising their roles from the original blockbuster that raked in close to $1.2 billion, reigning as the highest-grossing film in the DC Extended Universe (DCEU).

Aquaman Sequel


Momoa, despite leading the film, expressed uncertainty about returning to the Aquaman mantle, citing audience reception as a pivotal factor in the character’s future. However, with reported box office figures against a hefty $205 million budget, the outlook appears less than promising. Compounded by DC Studios’ ongoing superhero strategy overhaul under James Gunn and Peter Safran’s guidance, the cinematic landscape remains in flux, leaving the fate of Aquaman’s world uncertain in the eyes of both fans and industry insiders.

Aquaman Sequel

White Lotus Aquaman Sequel

As the superhero epic grapples with its box office performance, ‘Wonka’ slipped to second place in its second week, securing $17.7 million domestically, amassing a total of $75.2 million. Meanwhile, the animated family film ‘Migration,’ scripted by ‘White Lotus‘ creator Mike White, made its debut in third place, garnering $12.3 million domestically and an expected four-day collection of $17.1 million in the US and $34.3 million globally.

Aquaman Sequel

box office

Young Hollywood’s latest romantic comedy, “Anyone but You,” featuring Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney, entered the box office arena at fourth place, securing a respectable $6.2 million in its debut. Projections suggest a promising four-day gross of around $9 million, commendable against its $25 million budget. The film follows the journey of Bea (Sweeney) and Ben (Powell), whose ideal pairing takes an unexpected turn after an eventful first date, only to reunite under surprising circumstances at an Australian destination wedding. What ensues is a tale of two adults masquerading as a couple.

Aquaman Sequel


In the midst of box office standings, the Indian import “Saalar Part 1 – Ceasefire” clinched the fifth spot with a debut earning of $5.5 million, expected to reach a four-day total of $6.3 million domestically. Globally, the action-packed drama amassed an additional $33.6 million, culminating in an impressive global debut of $39.9 million.

Meanwhile, wrestling drama “The Iron Claw,” boasting a cast including Zac Efron, Jeremy Allen White, and Harris Dickinson, grappled for attention but landed with a $5.1 million opening. Despite facing stiff competition, the film managed a projected four-day total of $7.5 million, a decent performance considering its estimated $20.4 million budget.

Aquaman Sequel

The Color Purple Aquaman Sequel

Amidst these cinematic debuts and standings, anticipation builds for the upcoming release of “The Color Purple” on Christmas Day. As moviegoers gear up for the holiday season, the arrival of this highly anticipated film promises to be a festive treat at the box office.

Aquaman Sequel
Aquaman Sequel

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